IDC Technologies was founded to deliver sought after engineering education, driven by industry demands and advancing technologies.

Delivering education and training to over 500,000 engineers and technicians, IDC is home to over 250 academically prestigious; industry focused; class-leading instructors, with more than 2,500 years of experience collectively.

IDC Technologies specializes in engineering training and education in the fields of Instrumentation, Process Control, Industrial Data Communications & Networking, Information Technology, Electronic Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Finance and Project Management. IDC Technologies was founded in 1992 and has built a strong reputation globally as a provider or practical and technical training, delivered to over 500,000 engineers and technicians.

The key objective of IDC Technologies is to provide you with an outstanding practical engineering and technology education from N4 through to Masters Degrees. the finest engineering lecturers and instructors, with extensive real engineering experience in industry, are drawn from around the world you offer you the most valuable experience.

IDC Technologies is a sister company of the well-known and reputable Engineering Institute of Technology (EIT).



For Employers: In Company Training

We have taken our more than 25 years of training experience further and given businesses the unique opportunity to up-skill their staff around the world in a convenient and cost-effective model of online education.


All IDC and EIT education programs can be structured around normal work day hours and commitments. They can be presented on demand for your own staff, be they in one or multiple locations/time zones. This may also suit for privacy or "commercial in confidence" issues.

Our unique live and interactive online training provides all students and supervisors with personal course coordinators and mentors, offering total support, feedback and assistance with all aspects of the learning experience, right through to graduation.

Prior learning can also be recognized and credited where applicable.

Economies of scale make In Company Training far more economical than registering groups on pre-scheduled open subscription courses. The content can be customized to suit.

Interested in our IN COMPANY TRAINING solutions?

Contact us today to find out how IDC can help you in a convenient and cost-effective way. Email Kevin Baker This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. today.


Superior training record

The courses created and delivered by our sister companies, EIT and IDC Technologies, have benefited employees from a substantial number of major corporations, Government Departments and other organizations around the world. By region they include:Thank you 

- North America:

Chevron, The Department of Energy, Exxon, General Motors, Guillevin Automation, Honeywell, Lockheed, Texas Instruments, NASA, Coca Cola.

- Europe:

Schlumberger, BOC Gases, BBC Engineering, ELF, Euro Tunnel, Glaxo, National Grid, Rolls Royce, Siemens, Shell, ITER, GE Oil & Gas, Halliburton, UKAEA.

- Africa, Asia & The Pacific:

De Beers, Eskom, Nampower, Sasol, Alcoa, ANSTO, DSTO, BHP, Carter Holt Harvey, Ericsson, Fisher & Paykel, Hewlett Packard, Methanex, Joy Mining, Fonterra, Hatch, Invensys, LaFarge, PetroSA, SAB, Schneider, Tati, Thales, Yokogawa.

Find Out What Our Current and Past Students Have to Say about IDC's Programs

In this section you have the opportunity to read and listen to IDC students talking about the reality of the programs. Discussions are wide-ranging and include information about the study commitment required, the value of the qualification in their careers, the relevance of the subject matter, future pathways, and more. They provide valuable feedback for you to take into account before you decide to join one of our programs.

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