IDC's various articles provide insight into common questions that many people have with our courses. Feel free too look through them.  

Any student has a right to appeal a decision of IDC Technologies or of any member of the Institute’s staff. Appeals involving academic matters (e.g. assessments, teaching methods and standards) must be made to the Dean in the first instance. Appeals relating to administrative matters, or the conduct of staff, must be made to the CEO in the first instance.

The process, described below, sets out the escalation process should the appeal not be considered resolved by this first approach and...

In-Course Assistance

We recognise that personal circumstances and work commitments can make it difficult to complete the course in the time available. If at any point you feel that you are struggling with the pace of the course or finding a particular module challenging, you can contact your designated course coordinator immediately. He/she will be able to either provide you with extra material, assignment extensions put you in touch with the relevant instructor for...

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