Instructors  - N4 - N6 Profiles

Studied Light Current Electrical Engineering at Wits Technikon and completed T4 National Diploma for Technicians in 1984.
Started in the electronics industry working with hospital nurse call systems and video equipment for the introduction of SABC2 and SABC3 as well as a broadcasting station for Namibia TV.
This was followed by a period in an electronics department within the S.A.D.F repairing digital frequency control equipment for 2-way radios.

Back in the commercial world, the next field of interest involved emergency vehicle equipment and the forerunner of LED displays which consisted of a matrix of electromagnetic rollers to create destination and message boards for buses controlled by microprocessors (remember the 6800 and 8085?).

Stage and theatre lighting equipment followed with digital control boards and dimmers, late night callouts to Sun City amongst others, hanging onto overhead lighting trusses in stadiums and working through the night too many times to be counted.

Next was a six year tour of duty with the (then) Johannesburg Technical College, first at Smit Street and then at the new Ellis Park Campus, teaching mainly Logic Systems and Digital Electronics from N2 to N6 morning, noon and sometimes night 4½ days a week.

Some extra after-hours practical classes were also created for those students with additional enthusiasm resulting in an almost 14 hour a day home away from home.

There followed a range of equipment to be brought back to life some of it clean, some of it oily and greasy. During this time, I taught extra math’s lessons with the goal of making it simple, and earned a Green Number for the Comrades Marathon (ten finishes).

In 2012, the opportunity arose to tick off one item on my bucket list which was to teach math’s in a classroom. I spent two years teaching high school Cambridge maths followed by a further two years teaching math’s in a primary school.

I hope to finally complete a P.G.C.E through Unisa this year. I fully understand the trials of part-time study when you have a fulltime job which doesn’t keep regular hours, not to mention family responsibilities.

Favorite saying “Make sure you get up one more time than you get knocked down”

Dr Du Plooy has been teaching private lessons in Mathematics and Physical Science at all levels to private students since 1996 on a continuous basis at a rate of up to 20 lessons per week.

From 1966-1975, he worked as a Production Technician, Production Officer in the Gold, Platinum and Copper Mining industry.

Duties included ore beneficiation to extract minerals like Gold, Platinum, Copper, Nickel, Sulphur etc. and the control and training of the personnel involved as well as the development of new and improvement of the existing recovery processes. 

Productivity, safety and quality were of high importance.
From 1975-1980, he worked as a Production superintendent in the Ferro-alloy industry.

Responsibilities included the control of electric furnaces, their personnel, maintenance, safety and profitability From 1981- 1990, he worked as a Plant manager, Operations manager, Divisional manager and General Manager reporting to Board of Directors and having a seat on Board of Directors in the Chemical Industry. Duties included, general management and maintenance of plant, machinery and personnel for maximum efficiency, profitability, and long-term survival in a very competitive environment.  International visits were necessary to keep abreast of the latest developments.

He has lectured at South Cape College Mosel Bay between 2007 and 2008. 

His students performing the best in the Western Cape and second best by 0, 5 % lower than the best, in the country for 2007.
He also teaches Mathematics from grade 8 to “A” Level to students that take the University of Cambridge examination.  Some of the work is at the level of first year university standard, during private lessons.
He currently teaches N4 – N6 Mathematics using Electromeet. He has been praised by his students as ‘making maths fun’


After being selected as apprentice of the year Dr Bothma qualified as an Instrument Technician in 1981.

In 1983 he started a career in Vocational Education, Training and Development where he was also appointed as National Examiner for Engineering Programmes and Courses. He evaluated students at National Technical Certificate Levels 5 and 6 for a period of 13 years. He is an author of various textbooks and correspondence courses for Technical Colleges. Dr Piet is actively involved with Educational, Training and Development Forums at Local, Provincial and National level. 

Dr Bothma completed his National Technical Diploma in 1983.  A second National Technical Diploma in 1988 and during the course of the same year he completed a National Education Diploma.  He continued to complete a B.Ed. Degree in Education, Training and Development Management in 1992 and passed the M.Ed. Degree (cum laude) in 1994 on which he was selected as Top Achiever for the Faculty of Education of the Rand Afrikaanse University.  The focus of the M.Ed. study was to integrate Education, Training and Development.  In November 1996 he completed a D.Ed. degree. The focus of his D.Ed. Thesis was to develop alternative routes for skills training.  He evaluated nine different countries' Education, Training and Development Systems and fourteen countries Incubation Systems for Business Development.  One of the alternative routes that were developed in this research was the Technopreneur Training Programme, integrating Education, Training and Development with economic growth.

He is a specialist in Project Planning, Project Management Programme Development and Business Development Strategies.

Dr Bothma was actively involved in finalising the skills act, Higher education Act and the Further education act. His 6 years reign as the Chief Executive Officer of the Transport Education and Training Authority (TETA) was acknowledge by the Minister that TETA was one of the Top Sector Education and Training Authorities in South Africa. He Provide leadership and Strategic Direction on Education, Training and Development in South Africa. Facilitate various International Projects creating working relationships with Higher Education Providers in South Africa and Belgium, Canada, Norway, America, Holland, etc 

In 2011 Dr Bothma was appointed as the Dean of the Faculty of Science and Engineering at MGI .   

Dr Bothma Specialize in Curriculum Development, Programme Design and Development of Learning Material

Gerrit started as an apprentice wireman and has been working in the electricity reticulation and distribution business for the past 44 yrs.


During this period he has lectured at Johannesburg Technical College for over 12 years.

Started as a junior lecturer and working up to Head of the Electrical Engineering Department. 

During his tenure at Johannesburg Technical College he was involved in:

  • Managing the Electrical Engineering division that includes Electrical Heavy and Light Current departments.
  • Ensuring that an acceptable level of teaching from N1 to N6 for electrical Engineering students is maintained.
  • Maintaining a lecturer to student ratio of acceptable standards;


For the remainder of 28 years he has worked at the Municipalities of Phalaborwa and Midrand (City Power as from 2001). 

During November 2012 he was appointed as General Manager for the Learning Academy division where his responsibilities including overseeing and managing all training and development of staff at City Power. 


  • Senior member of the Institute for Electrical and Mechanical Engineers of South Africa (52344).
  • Member of the South African Institute for Electrical Engineers (11001).

He is presently employed on a part-time basis by IDC Technologies to present the N4 – N6 Programs using the E-learning (with Electromeet) method. He is specialising in Electrotechnics N4 as well as Electrotechnics N5.  
A dynamic, energetic, enthusiastic self-starter with entrepreneurial drive. Students are surely getting value for their time, money…


Francois Smit is a senior lecturer at the Westcol College, where his main duties are lecturing, setting of the time table rosters and class registers for the other lecturers. He developed a program for keeping record of absenteeism and assessment marks to make paper work much simpler.

He was born in 1960 and matriculated in 1978 from where he qualified as an aircraft- electrical technician at Jan Smuts Airport in 1983 and serviced 737’s and 747’s Boeings. This included two years of air force military service on military aircrafts. Also in 1983, he qualified as an assistant electrical engineer by completing his National Technical Diploma (Electrical). In 1985 he became a lecturer and later obtained the National Technical Diploma in mechanical engineering in 1993. He also finished his assessor’s course in Planning and conducting assessments of learning outcomes and completed his moderators course.

He wrote and published several technical handbooks of which Control Systems N6 was his first and also a manual for ‘Beginners cource in Programmable Logic controllers’.  He offers electronic subjects such as Industrial electronics, Communication electronics, Digital Electronics, Computer Principles, Industrial instruments, Control systems, Fault finding and devices and Mathematics and is currently still enjoying teaching and increasing students’ knowledge after 30 years.


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