Francois Smit is a senior lecturer at the Westcol College, where his main duties are lecturing, setting of the time table rosters and class registers for the other lecturers. He developed a program for keeping record of absenteeism and assessment marks to make paper work much simpler.

He was born in 1960 and matriculated in 1978 from where he qualified as an aircraft- electrical technician at Jan Smuts Airport in 1983 and serviced 737’s and 747’s Boeings. This included two years of air force military service on military aircrafts. Also in 1983, he qualified as an assistant electrical engineer by completing his National Technical Diploma (Electrical). In 1985 he became a lecturer and later obtained the National Technical Diploma in mechanical engineering in 1993. He also finished his assessor’s course in Planning and conducting assessments of learning outcomes and completed his moderators course.

He wrote and published several technical handbooks of which Control Systems N6 was his first and also a manual for ‘Beginners cource in Programmable Logic controllers’.  He offers electronic subjects such as Industrial electronics, Communication electronics, Digital Electronics, Computer Principles, Industrial instruments, Control systems, Fault finding and devices and Mathematics and is currently still enjoying teaching and increasing students’ knowledge after 30 years.