Gerrit started as an apprentice wireman and has been working in the electricity reticulation and distribution business for the past 44 yrs.


During this period he has lectured at Johannesburg Technical College for over 12 years.

Started as a junior lecturer and working up to Head of the Electrical Engineering Department. 

During his tenure at Johannesburg Technical College he was involved in:

  • Managing the Electrical Engineering division that includes Electrical Heavy and Light Current departments.
  • Ensuring that an acceptable level of teaching from N1 to N6 for electrical Engineering students is maintained.
  • Maintaining a lecturer to student ratio of acceptable standards;


For the remainder of 28 years he has worked at the Municipalities of Phalaborwa and Midrand (City Power as from 2001). 

During November 2012 he was appointed as General Manager for the Learning Academy division where his responsibilities including overseeing and managing all training and development of staff at City Power. 


  • Senior member of the Institute for Electrical and Mechanical Engineers of South Africa (52344).
  • Member of the South African Institute for Electrical Engineers (11001).

He is presently employed on a part-time basis by IDC Technologies to present the N4 – N6 Programs using the E-learning (with Electromeet) method. He is specialising in Electrotechnics N4 as well as Electrotechnics N5.  
A dynamic, energetic, enthusiastic self-starter with entrepreneurial drive. Students are surely getting value for their time, money…