Dr Du Plooy has been teaching private lessons in Mathematics and Physical Science at all levels to private students since 1996 on a continuous basis at a rate of up to 20 lessons per week.

From 1966-1975, he worked as a Production Technician, Production Officer in the Gold, Platinum and Copper Mining industry.

Duties included ore beneficiation to extract minerals like Gold, Platinum, Copper, Nickel, Sulphur etc. and the control and training of the personnel involved as well as the development of new and improvement of the existing recovery processes. 

Productivity, safety and quality were of high importance.
From 1975-1980, he worked as a Production superintendent in the Ferro-alloy industry.

Responsibilities included the control of electric furnaces, their personnel, maintenance, safety and profitability From 1981- 1990, he worked as a Plant manager, Operations manager, Divisional manager and General Manager reporting to Board of Directors and having a seat on Board of Directors in the Chemical Industry. Duties included, general management and maintenance of plant, machinery and personnel for maximum efficiency, profitability, and long-term survival in a very competitive environment.  International visits were necessary to keep abreast of the latest developments.

He has lectured at South Cape College Mosel Bay between 2007 and 2008. 

His students performing the best in the Western Cape and second best by 0, 5 % lower than the best, in the country for 2007.
He also teaches Mathematics from grade 8 to “A” Level to students that take the University of Cambridge examination.  Some of the work is at the level of first year university standard, during private lessons.
He currently teaches N4 – N6 Mathematics using Electromeet. He has been praised by his students as ‘making maths fun’